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AR2835, High Res WL & CaK | HA | June 27th 2021


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It's been a nasty few weeks here in Florida, the storming just hasn't let up until this afternoon in a solid 16 days straight of clouds and rain. I missed that last spot and missed out on some really great proms the past few days. Thankfully there's a new active region with a very interesting spot! AR2835 is pretty interesting because it doesn't have massive activity going on despite how it "looks" to us, and it's because it's magnetic polarity is very split and far apart, so there's no reconnections occurring resulting in flares (at least so far!). Lots of neat stuff going on in the inner spot with light bridges forming. These spots sprang into life over just around 2 days or so and are still going, so it will be nice to see them stick around for a disc face transit hopefully! I'll probably get rained out the next few days just because!






























Seeing Conditions:


Not my typical, I had nothing for weeks. This evening was my first chance to even look at the sky nice the beginning of the month. So after 4pm Eastern Time, I had not expected good seeing, but it was good enough to attempt things with good transparency between large cumulus clouds dragging nice air flow patterns behind them. Lucky imaging prevailed despite my averages to allow high resolution in 0.8 arc-second peaks for the continuum and CaK imaging.






Celestron Omni XLT 120mm F8.3 refractor (air space gap for diffraction limited in near UV); masked to 100mm F10
+ Lunt CaK Module + IMX253 camera (CaK Disc)
+ Lunt CaK Module + 1.62x barlow (F16) + IMX290 camera (CaK High Res)
+ Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Wedge + ND3.0 + Continuum 540nm + IMX253 camera (Photosphere Disc)

Celestron C6R 150mm F8 refractor
+ Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Wedge + ND 3.0 + Continuum 540nm + 1.62x barlow (F13) + IMX290 camera (Photosphere High Res)
+ 120mm mask (F10) + Baader Red CCD-IR Block Filter (sub-aperture internal D-ERF) + PST Etalon + 10mm BF + IMX290 camera (HA Moderate Res)




A look at my skies the past 2+ weeks, Sunny Florida!




Very best,

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