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Crescent Nebula

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3 minutes ago, TerryMcK said:

Great work on one of my favourite targets.

Thanks Terry. Not sure what's happening, but when I reintegrate stars after using Starnet, they are blown to hell. I tried reducing the brightness of the stars in the star mask, but they are stll being blown out. The large star, top middle of the nebula, is actually two stars just blown into one. I use Pixelmath to combine the SHO with the starmask, never had this problem before.

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1 minute ago, MarkAR said:

There's so much signal around there it's a mare to process, looks like you've done it really well.

This is a combination of two different SHO combinations. The blue was very faint in a straight up SHO, so I fiddled about in Pixinsight and managed to bring out more blue signal in another combination, then combined both 50/50.

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