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North America and Pelican ---- again

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  • Stub Mandrel changed the title to North America and Pelican ---- again
1 hour ago, Sonyme said:

Super image. Nice to compare with Hallingskies image of the same nebula. Obviously different equipment but which processing software?   Gary


Photoshop and Astra Image. I use Astroflat Pro (which I find only works well if the image is already pretty well balanced).

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1 hour ago, MarkAR said:

Very nice image, always a brave move keeping the green 👍


It's a tough call.


I want to keep a distinction between Ha (which comes out green) and HA+Sii which comes out yellow.

I don't like the bright green so try and push it using selective colour so Ha is a duller yellow and Ha+Sii is brighter yellow.


If I run HLVG weak I get this, which is perhaps better:



If I run strong HLVG I get:




This is a 'traditional' hubble palette, but always looks a bit dull to me. The problem with HLVG is that it kills yellows stone dead.


I have extremely weak Reg/green colour blindness and this may mean that I see the line between lemon yellow and a very yellow green in a slightly different place.

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On 7/21/2021 at 3:16 PM, MarkAR said:

Like the look of the weak HLVG even better, touch more yellow than lime green.


Returning, I think I do too.


I did a quick experiment on a photo of a yellow flower (a dandelion relative). Strong turned it a dull orange-brown, weak it stayed yellow, but more saturated. Obviously not what it is meant for but it's clear it 'kills' more acidic yellows if you use the stronger settings - I think it can spoil stars in RGB images too.

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