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North America Nebula

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I use Astroart for prep and a very old version of Paint Shop Pro for pretty much everything else.  I care not for the "Hubble Pallet", no science there, just personal preference.  I use 100% Ha as red, and a blend of Ha and SII data for the green channel (I think I used 60/40 here) - this gives a nice yellow highlight to SII-rich areas without generating an overpowering green.  I also blended a little SII into the OIII for blue (20/80) here.  When I looked at the version I posted here, it was the oversaturated (wrong!) one:  I usually crank up the saturation prior to adding a luminance overlay of Ha data, just to sharpen things up a bit.  I added a 30% Ha lum layer for the version above.

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