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Images from Thursday 2021-07-22


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The weather has been lovely hasn't it. But despite the high humidity of recent days. I was able to get some reasonable images of our daytime Star in the Ha wavelength.


I have a Daystar Quark Chromosphere which is coupled to a Sky Watcher-Star Travel 102 F5 Achromat. This is an ideal telescope for imaging or observing the Sun in the Hydrogen Alpha wavelength, despite the F5 focal ratio. It is also a very good Achromatic telescope. When I did use it visually. I wasn't able to detect any colour fringing surrounding bright stars or buildings.


Using the Quark Chromosphere with my telescope. I am able to get an increased focal ratio from F5 to, F21.5 with an increase in focal length from 500mm to. 2,105mm. I am also using a Altair GPCAM3 290M and a UV/IR filter. That filter is attached to the front of the Quark. The camera with its small pixels, 2.4x2.4um allows me to get a good high resolution of the Sun, or the Moon. It is an excellent camera.


Typically. I can get 125fps with SharpCap Pro 4.0 and I normally capture between 500 to 2000 avi, depending on the seeing conditions.

I also like to start early, when the seeing usually very good. So with out further ado.


Here are my recent images of our daytime Star 




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