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Cygnus extreme Mosaic - 4 panels


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Hi all

so I persevered with processing the mosaic subs I captured last month that had the incorrect white balance This is now going beyond the two panels posted earlier so I could include the N American Nebula and a lot of dark nebulosity that I didn’t really appreciate surrounds this area.

I tried a few different options with APP mosaic integration and ended up dumping 118 subs and 124 subs into the software and letting it chew through it all and then putting the two integrations back into APP to create the final 4 panel integration then processed in photoshop.

I will revisit this area again with correct white balance setting on the camera driver

The image is 240 subs of 120s each  over 4 panels so an 8hrs integration with ASI2600MC and Optolong L-Extreme dual band filter 

I have pushed this data a lot - possibly too much and also dialled up the saturation to highlight sadr and N American nebula



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