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NGC7822 in Cepheus with deep nebulosity


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This is my first image post on this forum. I hope you like it and just shoot at it 🙂


NGC 7822 is an emission nebula located in Cepheus, about 3,000 lightyears away.

It’s a violent, chaotic deep-sky region where young stars are being born, their powerful radiation ionising the surrounding gas and causing it to glow.

These energetic stellar winds are also carving out the dusty streams and pillars seen throughout the nebula.


Within these dark, dusty regions, new stars are likely being born, but the powerful radiation that’s fuelling NGC 7822’s light emission is also destroying the cosmic gas and dust necessary for stellar birth, effectively cutting them off at the source.




This image was made from a combination of data taken in 2014 and 2017 using a Takahashi FSQ106 with a SXV-H9 in 2014 and my TMB92ss with a QSI583ws in 2017. Using recent improvements in astropixelprocessor I was able to finally combine this data into one result improving details in the central part of the nebula.

Processing was fully done using astropixelprocessor and adobe photoshop.


This region is quite interesting and I think my next project will be to expand the range around the nebula because there is much more nice nebulosity in this region.



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