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Western Veil Nebula featuring Witches Broom and Pickerings Triangle


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42 minutes ago, ApophisAstros said:

alyhough a bit dark

I'll have a look later this evening - I thought I had got the dark point around the 23:23:23 in photoshop , but that was in the png posted on AstroBin and the link from there when I posted here gets converted into a jpg for the forum - so might have darkened the image a bit.

I wil investigate......


Done - you were correct it was too dark - hopefully this is an improvement -I've edited original post and changed link on astrobin to FINAL - as if.........

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13 minutes ago, AstronomyUkraine said:

two hours of integration

I know - gain 100 to ensure the low noise circuits kick in and offset 50 - seems to be the defacto standard setting and although you lose a bit of dynamic range - it really doesn’t matter when it has such sensitivity.

hoping for more clear skies to use it some more.

For UK skies this sensor is certainly compelling to give astroimagers a good image in one night


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2 hours ago, TerryMcK said:

I shall have to invest in a 2600 myself

This is only my second image using ASI2600MC, but it most definately feels like it is a huge leap forward from ASI1600 - I will still use my ASI1600 as I recently bought a set of  1.25" 3nm Antlia filters, the plan was to use ASI2600MC with a portable rig and search out remote dark skies  to shoot RGB - but for now the L-Extreme is doing a good job fighting off  the local light polution from my back garden by imaging in narrowband bi-colour with the OSC sensor.


I thought about the option of the mono version, the ASI2600MM, but it is about £500 more than the colour version and then you need 2" filters and 2" filter wheel - the number just got very high very quickly.


So I guess what I am saying in a rather long way is that its potentially not just the camera to invest in

44 minutes ago, paulgrover68 said:

Nice work - I love the veil and have to fight the urge to shoot it every session!

Thanks Paul - I only 'discovered' the veil last year when I started narrowband imaging - I had seen images of western Veil, Eastern Veil, Witches Broom, Pickerings Triangle, but never really put them all togther in my head as the  supernova remnant , the Cygnus loop, that they are all part of, its 'wispy' entanglement just draws you into the image -so I am like you its a goto object in same way Horsehead and Gt.Orion nebula are in winter.



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A great image. The balance of light n dark looks pretty good to me. It was images of the veil that convinced me to dive in to a mono setup. But I am impressed with what a modern colour sensor can achieve. With clear nights seemingly getting rarer your 2600MC is proving a wise choice.



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