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Samyang 135 3D printed mount


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Just been looking at the Astronetics 3D printed kit that can mount the Samyang/Rokinon 135mm lens complete with a focuser, guide scope and a computer like an ASIAir or RaspberryPI. I especially liked the ability to focus as even this wide field of view lens need a bit of automated help.

Antoine and Dalia show it on their Youtube channel Galactic Hunter. It looks good for people using this lens on an astro camera.



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I know this is an old post  but I've been planning something like this for a while. There are a number of files on the web of varying usefulness. I plan a mash up but haven't decided whether to go with a skywatcher auto-focuser and stick PWM on it (I did that before and made an ASCOM driver for it too) or go the traditional route of a stepper motor.


The controller will be an RPi3 for autoguiding on the HEQ5 (mainly because I don't want to tear down my widefield setup with its Asiair pro).

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