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SH2-101. Tulip Nebula.


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Hi all, after waiting  and waiting to get more data for this target i have decided to have a look at what i have .Checked all my subs and finished up with just four and a half hours worth all at 300s taken in July and first half of this month. [The weather here is useless]  I decided to have a go at splitting the channels in APP  and this is the result, [could do with a lot more yet though ].

 WO STAR 71 ...ASI 1600MC-C 1st gen. Piggy backed on OO ODK 12.. 

 Optolong L-Enhance filter. Integration 54x300s in APT.

Mount Ioptron Cem 120ec .




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I like that colour pallette  and the wide field framing 

You will have also got a Black Hole in that image - Cygnus-X1, I think just above the tulip and left of your written description there are two stars the larger star is where Cygnus-X1 lurks....






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On 8/22/2021 at 11:22 AM, MarkAR said:

A great start on the Tulip, hope you get more data soon. FOV is nice, picks up a lot of the surrounding gas.

Thanks Mark for the comments,the weather for imaging is a real pain though.

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23 hours ago, ApophisAstros said:

Real nice wide FOV , always difficult to get colour in the stars.

Would you be able to do RGB to add colour to them?


Thanks Roger for looking, my processing skills are few and i have never done that.



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