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Putting my new fast coupler to the test - SH2-101 Tulip nebula


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Last night I put my new pillar with the special designed quick coupler (made by Herman ten Haaf) to the test. I did a pole alignment last week using Sharpcap and took everything off and repositioned the mount 2 times this week. Both times I had a polar alignment within 1' (1 arcminute) without doing an alignment (checked with sharpcap). I'm very happy with this. 

Last night this resulted in a guiding rms of less then 0,6" on both axes and so I could get very nice and small round stars. 

This image is a first result of only 6x900s Ha (5nm astrodon) because of incoming clouds using my TMB92ss and QSI583ws. But it is already promising and a nice target for the coming time to get more data.





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You and me both last night tested out my new Oiii 3.5nm(baader), on Tulip with Ha as well , image.thumb.png.9c0c05a57347be6a03558d6f79754fdf.png

Ha 3.5nm(baader) 900s


Oiii 3.5nm 900s  , with my old 7nm Oiii i would not have got anything like this.

Yours is cracking by the way. Guiding was a bit rocky but stayed on guidsatr for 4 hours.


I like your Ha a lot,



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