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SH2-101 Tulip Nebula in SHO


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This is the result of 2hrs each of S,H and O in one night on Aug. 23rd. I was lucky for such a long stretch of time. Its only lightly cropped and done in the Hubble pallet. With the hydrogen being so strong I needed to dial the green down a lot (by about 60%! so I should have halved the Ha subs and doubled-up on the rest!). 


If you pixel-peep you can see the stars are stretched. Guiding was some of the best I've ever had with very few corrections. It could be differential flexure but it is consistent on every image of a minute or more and always in the same plane. I have read that there is an upgrade for early build mounts like mine so I have new RA and DEC controller boards on order.


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3 hours ago, ApophisAstros said:

like the colour blends and detail.

Is there a little gradient / LP?




Yes, I've been having some issues, it's a bit like the vignetting is over compensated when making the masters. I know the image circle is not perfectly centred so the left-side tends to fall off more than the right in any case. 

I may try a manual process rather than rely on WBPP to do it all.

I may also try some NB subs pointed where I know there is little gas just to show me where in the process the issue starts.


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