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The Veil results with the RedCat51


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Here is what I have so far and it is just work in progress.

5.5 hours Ha and 6 Hours OIII using the RedCat51 from Bortle 7/8. I must say it is a pretty impressive piece of kit.


Processed with PixInsight and reduced the stars slightly as the subframe selector counted over 10000 stars in most subs. I wasn't aware of the dusty stuff in the centre before! Field of view is 3 degrees x 2 and a bit with the ZWO ASI183MM. I've cropped a little off the edges and this is just a screen grab using the snipping tool in Windoze.




Lots more data to gain on this image so hoping to add a little sulphur if the skies permit and might end up with a finished image eventually.

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