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Fleming's Triangle WIP


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Thought I'd post this anyway. Very much WIP. Took 2 lots of 20 x 900 sec subs on the 26th and 28th Aug, but the last sub in each showed some trailing as it had gone beyond the MLPT correction in Sequence. So the remaining 38 subs pulled into DSS and a brutal culling of sub-standard subs carried out. The best were stacked with full calibration, imported into AstroArt 7 and given Histogram Stretch, both linear and with curves, a Gradient Reduction and light Unsharp Mask.



There's still a bit of gradient still remaining which I'll deal with at a later date.

I did try to get some [OIII] but the first night was borked as Sequence just would not get beyond the preliminary autofocus. I eventually uttered a Very Bad Word and went to bed. It turned out that I had forgotten to reboot the NAS after a power cut so Sequence had nowhere to save the image files. Dur...

Since then I managed 7 rather dodgy subs but have had no viable clear night since, or for the foreseeable. This might t be yet another project to complete next year.

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