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September 2021 - Anyone playing tonight?


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Lucky u! Here the situation is very bad 🙂


I put all my stuff outside , set the scope , polar alignment done. Start to focus my dslr on Vega then arrive clouds a go go.  No way to guide at all …I guess is time to 😴 


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Tonight I am in the astronomy festival in Hertsmonceux .


it’s very nice to be here… I am

going now to visit the Dome E with an 1860 telescope! 




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17 minutes ago, AstronomyUkraine said:

Have you got your scope with you?

No they said don’t take your scope but   If I was with an astronomer group I could. I took my skywatcher adventure. If it gets clear I will try to use. 

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10 minutes ago, AstronomyUkraine said:

The core is easy to blow out on the Iris nebula. I think I was taking 2 minute subs with my mono camera and RGB filters.

Yes that's what I noticed at 300s...I think it was a good decision to start over.  The core is looking better now and the guiding is improving.

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