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Veil Combo - HOO & RGB


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As I seem to be playing with colours this week, I thought it might be fun to have a play with merging two individual captures, one in HOO, the other in RGB. Both were captured with the WO Redcat and ASI294mc pro, one with an Optolong l-eNhance NB filter, the other with an Optolong l-Pro filter in RGB.


I loaded both unprocessed Fits files into Astro Pixel Processor and did a little bit of cleanup work for light pollution on both before analysing the stars and registering them against each other. I then saved the registered images as .tif files and merged them in Photoshop at 50% transparency.


I cropped the merged image and saved as a separate image before splitting it into starry and starless versions using starnet++


Subtracted the starry from the starless using Apply Image and cut and pasted the star layer into the starless image using linear dodge.


I then went to town on the starless version, healing artefacts before playing with the details and colour mix using Camera Raw Filter.


Then did a general cleanup using Noel's Action for noise reduction and local contrast enhancement.


Reduced the star layer using Curves before merging the layer back into the overall image.


Hasn't actually made a huge difference but has pulled out some of the fainter stuff and it's fun to play with colours 🙂 




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