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Eastern Veil in SHO or Cosmic shrimp?


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This is a work in progress. A couple of nights ago I managed to bag 100mins of Sii and Ha each but only 55mins of Oiii. It was very clear until the clouds rolled in during the the last Oiii group . (I've started grouping subs in lots of 10 for each filter then rotate to the next one, rinse n repeat). I might flip the colours but I think this image shows there is quite a lot of sulphur registered. I hope to add more data (some more Oiii at least).


I had a bit of an equipment malfunction following the meridian flip. A temporary psu cable snagged and rotated my camera 60 deg. Luckily the veil was central so I could do a heavy central crop but I lost a lot of interesting wisps.

Eastern Veil Nebula -Caldwell 33.png

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