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Heart Nebula 6/9/21


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Was good to be under the stars again last night...decided to try the Heart Nebula for the first time.


I found framing it quite difficult due to the FOV, but was pleased with the final orientation. The seeing was pretty good and I was quite pleased with the tightness of the stars. Overall I managed two hours of 120sec subs.


I'm not sure what the 'ringed' star is to the left of the Nebula (I've included an enlarged image below)...it was the only star in all the subs to have what appears to be rings around it. I obviously suspect it might just be an 'artefact' fo some kind, but cannot understand why it only affects this one star. I did check in Stellarium, but couldn't really see what it might be.





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3 hours ago, TerryMcK said:

I was intrigued and had a look on Stellarium and in Simbad. It is V559 Cas a double star http://simbad.u-strasbg.fr/simbad/sim-id?Ident=V*+V559+Cas 


Not sure what the outer layer is but on Simbad it shows up as a halo around the large star


Thanks for looking into it Terry...it does possibly explain the bluish 'halo' around the star.


That's a very useful link...going back to the portal page when you search it brings up a host of helpful details - including image searches. Some of these DO show a blue-ish hue to the background star which explains my blue halo. Impressed my little 80mm and 294MC picked it up!

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