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The Iris Nebula


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My first attempt at processing my Iris Nebula Data.  Do you think it is light enough?


It's looking clear again tonight so hoping to get a bit more data.


Camera: Canon EOS 1000D (modified)

Mount: Celestron AVX

Filter: Skytech LPro Max

Exposure: 7 hours (120s subs)

Processing: DSS and PS





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1 hour ago, Padraic M said:

That's lovely. I can see why you ask, but you've got great detail in the centre, and you've also captured the dark nebulosity nicely. There's a danger of losing that cloud if you brighten up.

Thanks, maybe if I can get sone more data tonight it will bring out a bit more of the brown colour in the darker areas?

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22 minutes ago, AstronomyUkraine said:

Looks great. The core is very good. Dragging the background nebula out on this target is tricky. All I can suggest is mask off the core and see if you can extract more signal.

Ok wish me luck. Do you think it's worth me getting more data this evening?

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4 hours ago, Dmack1 said:

Thats a great image. The colour and structure in the core is great.


You sometimes see this processed to bring out the dark nebula much much more - its rather a matter of taste really. But if you wanted to try that this is a great technique in PS


Brilliant thanks I will take a look 👍

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17 minutes ago, AstronomyUkraine said:

A definite improvement over the original. The extra few hours has brought out the dark nebula more.

Yes I am pretty happy with it 😃 thanks to everyone on here for their help and encouragement!  I wanted to try and bring out the browns in the dark nebula which I feel are starting to appear.

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