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PixInsight WBPP Version 2.2.x


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Version 1.8.8-9 of PixInsight introduced Weighted Batch Preprocessing Version 2.2.0

I found that using that with the parameters I had built into my custom process icon resulted in frankly horrible looking masters. So I have just been through the script again with a fine toothcomb to reset it back to something like my original settings.


However it turns out that using some of the default settings return good results so here are mine


I kept Bias, Dark and Flats tabs at their default in Overscan and Image Integration. You may want to experiment with these yourself .


The settings under the Lights tab need consideration however

I have the following checked:



Uncheck the Generate rejection maps and Save Frame Groups on Exit unless you really want rejection maps and frame groups.

If you have a particularly problematic issue with your sensor then set Linear Pattern Subtraction to Columns, Rows,  or Columns and Rows with a rejection limit of 3 (default). Or if you don't have issues uncheck the box.


If you have a problem with hot pixels then check cosmetic correction and choose CosCor as a template icon - you have to have some lights in the pane for the extra pulldown to show



I've found that in subframe weighting the following seems to work quite well even on galaxies




For image registration I have drizzle unchecked as I don't use it. However the settings I have are this



Finally under image integration make sure you check it otherwise there will be no masterlights generated

Here are my parameters



You can experiment with any of the parameters in any of the boxes of course to suit yourself.


The new script also places yet another tab under Post-process which will summarise what it is doing at this stage.



The developers seem to have removed the pre-process radio button.


The Grouping Keywords checkbox is still available having been introduced in WBPP Version 2 and carries the same functions




Great for use in post-processing for working on mosaics with the PANEL keyword if you store your panes in separate directories PANEL_1 PANEL_2 etc. Also if you use the keyword SESSION it will split the images produced based upon separate nights. I haven't looked but there may be tutorials on the best use of this aspect on the internet. Google is your friend there.


So now with these parameters set the integration times are reasonable again and I am getting good results. I have stored this in a process icon and added it to my process icon set ready for loading at any time.


When making your own process icon drag the left hand triangle to the desktop



Exit the script and then rename the Process icon (Process80 in my example) to whatever you want.

Open icon and then delete the MD5 checksum (highlighted in yellow in my example)



Close the script and a new MD5 checksum will have been generated. You are then ok to save the process icon with the rest of your icons. Otherwise it will error when you open it next time.





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Another interesting addition to the WBPP is the ability to split an OSC image into it's separate RGB channels. This will help the user to correct misaligned channels and chromatic aberration. You have 3 options. The default which is Combined RGB, (as seen in the @TerryMcK section about post-processing) separate RGB channels and a combined and separate RGB channels option. The latter saves both the OSC combined version and the separated channels.





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