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is this eyepiece damaged / lacerta 30 mm ED 2"

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hello everybody,


this morning i've received my st120 scope, and some equipment.. i've received lacerta 30 mm 2" ED as well.

i am not sure if this eyepiece is maybe damaged, so i would like to hear your opinion. eyepiece is very pleasant to use, and it seems to me that it works well, although i've tried it during daytime - just to check it. however it is possible to see a small cracks or maybe some foggy production residues in two sides / in the very end of the ocular. please see pictures and videos here:


since i have very limited experience, my question would be:

is this eyepiece damaged?




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Was the eyepiece a new purchase?
If so contact the seller.

Return of a defective product should not be your problem.
It is up to the seller to agree a course of action with you to replace, repair, or refund.

Did you pay by credit card?
If the seller does not make an agreeable response, contact the card issuer.
Your purchase was from the car and they take responsibility for the transaction.
Including refund if required.

Did you pay by paypal. Whether for a new or used eyepiece.
There is a refund policy in operation there.


Let us know how you get on.


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