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Hi guys,


Messier 33 - Triangulum Galaxy from last week.

This one is interesting because it's so close, and has so many stars that it looks very "granular". The tendency is to want to smooth those out in processing but that would be a mistake. It should look granular to see those billions of stars.

This was a bonus capture in the 90 minutes after Andromeda, and before dawn. I could only capture so much detail in 90 minutes. I'll take it! 90 is better than none. I kept is this one toned down in processing for a more natural look. 😉

Details - 45 X 120 sec Lights (90 Minutes Total)
Celestron 14" Edge HD
Hyperstar V.4 - f1.9
SkyWatcher EQ-8 Pro Rh
Altair 26C Pro TEC
Altair Pro Max LP Filter
SkyShed Pier
Captured with Sharpcap
Green Swamp Server For SkyWatcher

Post Processing - Pixinsight





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