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Crescent Nebula & Bubble


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My first light with 50mm unmounted Antlia Ha,SII and OIII 3nm filters, taken 7th September. The seeing wasn’t bad and apart from a few high passing clouds the skies were clear. I am impressed with these new filters and was surprised how well the soap bubble is defined in the image.  

Setup: CFF160 + flattener, Qhy FW+ OAG, QHY600m, Loadstar x2, Mesu 200, SGP+Pixinsight.

16x 600s Ha, 13x 600s OIII & 5x 600s SII.

Looking forward to trying these filters on more objects, skies permitting.




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Thank you guys for your kind words of support. Coming up to my 5th anniversary for this hobby and I continue to be amazed at the technology which is readily available for amateurs astronomers today. These are truly the wonder years for Astrophotography, let’s hope it isn’t spoil with the advance of further broadband services.

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Your setup has really got the most out of the new Antlia  filters - the detail around the crescent is fantastic the OII outer nebulosity is particularly impressive for just over 2hrs, your framing with the nebulosity around SADR gives the image a reference - as you probably gather I prefer a wider field and you have struck a great balance between ultra close ups and a ultra wide. Really like your image.


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