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Dumbbell, North America and Pelican over 2 nights


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The Dumbbell here is 2 hours of 240s guided subs with darks only applied. I wanted something quick and easy to do. Initially I thought my FOV made this target seem too small but I actually love the star field surrounding. Stacked in APP and processed in Photoshop.


North America and Pelican is 2.5 hours of 180s subs with darks only also. Would've liked more time but bed was calling! I'm pretty pleased overall though. Again, stacked in APP and processed in Photoshop.


Skywatcher 72ED, HEQ5 PRO, 0.8 reducer/flattener, 269c pro TEC - Sharpcap

Starwave 50mm, 290c - PHD2

2_hours_M27_240s_-5-full res png.png

2_hours_M27_240s_-5-tight crop png.png

NGC_7000_2.5_HOURS_180s_-5 full res png.png

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