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Kstars updated to v3.5.5


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Have a look at Jasem's Eksphere https://knro.blogspot.com/2021/09/kstars-v355-released.html to see what has changed.

As ever I will not upgrade until the bugs are ironed out and even then will only install it onto a virtual machine first of all to test offline so I am not touching my current excellently working version 3.5.4.

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2 hours ago, MarkAR said:

I'll probably just dive right in.


Watch for the Meridian Flip Mark. I tried the new version out last night on a virtual machine as I wasn't really doing any imaging just testing. EKOS was working well until MF at which point it started the flip, went through 180 degrees. I was outside with it so thought everything was good after the MF, then it started going again - in the same direction so essentially trying to do a 360.

I could hear the cable harness straining and could see the counterweights up in the air as I tried to stop it and got it just in time. Not happy! 

I have the HEQ5 Pro of course and this has never happened before. Once you disconnect EKOS from INDI it stops immediately so know that it was EKOS commanding the mount to turn.


Fortunately I still have version 3.5.4 which doesn't exhibit this wild behaviour and will use that until they sort out the bugs. There also was no damage to the wiring harness.

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I've used KStars 3.5.5 over two nights.  The first night I threw everything at it... two jobs in sequence, meridian flip, multiple autofocus, etc.  Everything started up well, except I had some issue with alignment.  Changed to Astrometry and all worked well from there.  My only problem was that the internal guiding was not great... but don't know if that was KStars or something else.

The second night, I recalibrated guiding and everything went perfect.


I'm getting it out again tonight.  I'm going to try to get the internal solver to work.



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