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First go with planets

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Friday was clear, but the moon was bright. So I stripped down the rig and setup to try planets.

I used sharpcap and made a few colour depth mistakes - all the first runs were 8 bit.  Fixed that and gradually messed with settings to get some detail showing.  Gradually increased magnification so in the end I was using a 3xBarlow giving a focal length of around 2700mm.

Processing was a bit stab in the dark... never been quite sure how wavelets work!

Final result is a bit meh... but there's some detail.

I wanted to do Saturn afterwards, but clouds happened.


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On 9/22/2021 at 3:58 PM, paulgrover68 said:

Thanks Mark.  Hopefully next time the atmosphere might be kinder. Pleased to have some detail, just need more sharpness

Processing will only get you so far, really clear still skies are what you need.


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