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Elephant Truck in "faux Hubble" for OSC

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Hi guys,
Way over coloured, which is my "style". lol I call it the "NASA Cartoon" palette. 😉
Used Lukomaticos Hubble for OSC.  Haven't had the time to process in natural colour yet.
Almost all of my images will be missing "fine details" compared to longer duration Refractors or Newts. Mostly because I get little time and it's whatever I can grab in couple of hours. Then you stack up and bunch of lenses with the 14" Edge, Hyperstar, 26c, etc and you lose some of the finer detail. Since I'm not entering competitions, I'll take it, for a "fast grab". 
Details - 55 X 120 sec Lights (1.833 hours)
Celestron 14" Edge HD
Hyperstar V.4 - f1.9
SkySwatcher EQ-8 Pro Rh
Altair 26C Pro TEC
SkyShed Pier
Captured with Sharpcap
Post Processing - Pixinsight


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7 hours ago, P Holdsworth said:

Nice image Wayne. I also use Lukomatico Hubble for OSC method in pixinsight which is probably one of the best astro youtube channels out there 👍


 I have just 'discovered' his channel today and used the tutorial to re-process my NGC7000 image - what a difference,

I have now re-posted an update in my original post


17 hours ago, SkyShed Observatories said:

Used Lukomaticos Hubble for OSC.

Thanks for flagging this channel up Wayne - extremely helpful guy



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