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Connection of accesories to Hypercam USB 2 ports

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Hi, I'm after some help regarding the USB x2 hub on the rear of the Altair hyper cam 183 pro tec.

Tried looking on the website site regarding connection of USB hub from camera but unable to find anything, so any help would be appreciated.

Am I right in thinking that you are able to connect your guide cam and your focuser to this usb hub at the back of this camera through the 2 USB port hub?

I am then presuming if so that the data from this hub is then sent down through the USB 3 hub on the camera to my laptop.

Wanting to tidy up cable management and this would be good if possible?

I hope it makes sense and sorry if it seems a dumb question but can't find any info.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by: @Astrophel

So there is no interference with downloading the image from the imaging camera and guiding at the same time? 

Feasibly no but possibly yes. I feed my guiding separately to a Pegasus box just in case. Filter wheel should be ok, not sure about focuser as that has a dedicated feed on the Pegasus.

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