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American Association of Variable Star Observers 110th Anniversary!


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Hi everyone! I recently came across an event that I think you would all enjoy! This organization seems to be really open to amateurs as well as they have an event specifically detailed as open for beginners! Here's what they had to say when I reached out for more information 


Join us in person for AAVSO's 110th Anniversary Annual Meeting at The Row Hotel, located just outside Boston, MA, November 5-7, 2021!

The Annual Meeting includes a reception with an opening speaker Friday night, and two full days of keynote speakers, presentations, poster research and observing section discussions, and ends with a banquet Sunday night. Also experience additional in-person perks celebrating our 110th year!

There will also be a 2-day Spectroscopy Workshop for beginner through advanced participants on November 3-4.

Don't miss our keynote speakers on the 6th and 7th:

  • Sara Seager - Planetary Science, Physics, and Aerospace Engineering MIT-"TESS Exoplanets and Beyond"
  • Andrea Dupree -Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CFA)-"The Mysterious Great Dimming of Betelgeuse"
  • David Latham -Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CFA)-"Spectroscopy of Eclipsing Binaries and Brown Dwarfs Identified by TESS"
  • Joe Patterson - Columbia University- “A Network's Observations of Cataclysmic Variables” (working title)


The event seems like it would be a lot of fun! I hope I was able to share something with you as I'm new to the backyard astronomy space. 



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