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IC1396 and SH2-129 in narrow band


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IC1396 contains the Elephant Trunk and SH2-129 is called The Flying Bat.  The latter also contains the Giant Squid (Ou4) but that needs more data to show here.


Captured with my triple imaging turret rig with Astrodon 3nm NB filters and Asahi Pentax Super Takumar 105mm f2.8 lenses. 

  • Ha - ASI 294MM Pro camera with gain setting of 125.  33 x 300s exposures.
  • OIII - ASI 1600MM-C camera with gain of 60.  Lens aperture reduced to f4 to improve stars.  31 x 300s exposures.
  • SII - ASI 1600MM-C camera with gain of 139 (unity gain).  36 x 300s exposures.


Capture system used Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers, one on each camera.  RPi 4B on the ASI 294 with Astroberry Server and RPi 3B on the others.  Capture software was Kstars/Ekos on Linux Mint tower computer indoors and INDI drivers and server in the RPi boards.


Image processed in PixInsight, with calibration, star alignment and stacking (Image Integration) followed by Dynamic Crop, Automatic Background Extraction (removes background slope), Histogram Transformation (stretching) and finally Colour Combination of HSO > RGB.  Further tweaked with Histogram Transformation.




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