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Fleming's Triangle HOO WIP


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26 minutes ago, DaveS said:

This is still WIP as I need more, better, data. the subs I have up till now have been plagued with passing high cloud and early shutdowns triggered by the weather monitor.

Nevertheless, here it is, 7 hours H-alpha and 6 hours [OIII] in 900 sec subs with the ODK rig. Stacked in DSS and brutalised in AstroArt 8. The H-alpha data had full calibration, but the [OIII] only Darks since 1) I stuffed up getting sky flats for [OII] and [SII] and, 2) adding Bias stuffed up the stack.

Note the file says "Third HOO" which might give an idea of the thrashing around I was doing.


Still some uncorrected gradients to get rid of.

Program of further work, collect more, better [OIII] to replace some of the dodgy data, collect new, correct calibration frames.

Looking good. You have some very fine detail coming through.



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Slowly getting there. Added another 2 hours of [OIII] but also the correct calibration frames. Pulled 40 subs [OIII] and H-alpha into DSS and stacked the best 75% with full calibration for 7 hours 30 mins each. Bashed the resultant subs around in AstroArt 8 and saved as PNG. Was able to apply a touch of Unsharp Mask without stuffing up the noise.




Possibly pulled the Red down a bit too much, may have a think about it.

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