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Heart Nebula - Using StarXterminator.


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I got a couple of hours on the Heart Nebula before a huge fog bank rolled in off the sea.   It's not great... but I used RC Astro StarXterminator.

So far really impressed. It deals with big stars with halos very well. I a few to clean up, but nothing like the quantity I'm used to from Starnet++.  Threre was a fair bit of "Snow" (the fuzzy faint stars that are sort of half there, half not) after I pused the curves (probably too hard).

It does do a really good job - zooming in I couldn't see any checkerboarding I've seen on Starnet.

It's also a lot quicker - I'll time it next time it felt twice as fast.


Seems good and I'll probably buy a full license



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for me, Star XT ran in 25secs, even with a NVidia card (older gen, 970) and the CUDA setup so Starnet uses GPU, stride 128 took 3 mins.


I too am impressed with Star XT - done a few tests with different targets.  Someone mentioned to me it can mess up a low contrast image though.

Also, the PI plugin is not anywhere near as powerful as the PS plugin (yet), but I did just stick to PI for my tests.

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