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Bad timing...a way of life now!

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I live 80 miles south of NASA in Florida, and the view of the launches from my front yard is usually pretty good, so we tend to watch them when we can. This morning at 5:35, the Lucy mission launched, and the Falcon rockets are usually a bunch of fun to watch. For something different, I had my Canon 80D on a tripod with a Nifty Fifty on it ready to go in bulb mode with a 4 minute timer set. I stripped my Apertura 72EDR down and threw a Canon 750D on to get some video. Everything was set, my wife was watching the "live stream" and told me they were getting ready to go...they had pulled the stream view back from a closeup on the pad to a view from about 1/2 a mile out. As she says 30 seconds to go, I catch an orange glow out the corner of my eye, the rocket was about 50 miles out into the Atlantic pulling away at 15k mph. The video feed had about a 2 1/2 minute delay. Totally missed it.😔

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Great launch pictures. You are fortunate to be able to watch these.

Yes 'live' is often not the case these days.
I remember in the early 90s watching F1 motor racing. The races always started on the hour and you could compare the start (green light) to a radio derived clock. It really was live.
Now digital (analogue is gone) TV signal processing means small delays - though not enough to miss a rocket launch.
Then there are the few seconds delays on live TV programmes to give the content controller time to hit the 'beeeep' button!

For the next launch. Forewarned is forearmed. I hope you get some pictures you can post here.

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Thanks for the replies! I'm hoping to get one of those long exposure arc shots, I can see the rockets in flight for almost 6 minutes from ground to east over the Atlantic, so I'm hoping it will be decent. I have a few friends who work at the Cape, so some day I hope to get a "car pass" as well and get a whole bunch closer.

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