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Untidy cables


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Many people can't stand untidy cables, so for a bit of fun, lets see who has the most untidy cables.  

Those with OCD need not look lol.

These are mine, taken a few years ago at Kelling, but they are still the same, just tie them back immediately behind the camera/filterwheel.



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Posted by: @Incisive_Solutions

@Jkulin haha no !  I’m bothered by cables lol - I like them nice and tidy but also to be able to get at them in case one is misbehaving!! It was my birthday on Friday and I had a mini pc and a Pegasus Advance Powerbox so am hoping it will let my set up be neat but accessible!!!

Many belated Happy Returns for Friday Gillian

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Posted by: @TerryMcK

Arrrggggghhhhh! I can’t look

Lol, I just don't see what the obsession is to tidy up cables.  Mine works perfectly fine without, and I am changing my kit around too often to be messing about with cable ties or whatever.  

Maybe I am the odd one out.  


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