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Early Halloween Ghost - a Work In Progress


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Hi everyone,


this is an audasious process of 98mins ASI2600 MC OSC RGB and 70mins of ASI1600MM Ha (Antlia 3nm) - all taken through AT106EDT native, so no FF/FR, so full 690mm f/l

There is way too much noise reduction and a bit of Photoshop artistic license to bring the extremely bright star Gamma Cassiopeiae into some sort of control with masks ,levels ,saturation and local colour balance.

I  cropped the ASI2600 Frame to roughly match the ASI FOV  then I added the ASI1600 Ha layer as a starless version and used PS blend mode lighten under a mask to avoid affecting the surrounding star colours.


I am not hopefull that there is much imaging opportunity for at least another week, possibly more, so I pushed my megre pickings of 2hr 48min to the max and probably beyond.


I will hope to present a deeper version at some point in the future, but for now here's my 2.5hr RGB_Ha version of the Ghost of Cassiopeiae





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12 hours ago, Dmack1 said:

The ghost is dark enough to draw you in and the stars are beautiful.

Appreciate the feedback - it’s early days with this OSC and it does seem to delivery very good colour in stars - I also used ArcSin stretch in PI as I read a post about this method ages ago as it is better controlling star colours - so far albeit one image it delivers what it says on the tin 



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