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The Cocoon Nebula IC5146


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After cleaning and correctly(!) fitting my LRGB filters I decided to go a for a bright broadband target. Clouds, moon and poor seeing did not help but I managed about 45 mins each for RGB and Ha - shot with the ASI1600mm. This is tight cropped as I combined Ha from two sessions and the framing wasn't very well repeated. (I really must work out a way to index my camera rotation.)



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  I think I may have finally cracked my tic-tac stars🤞with the controller board change and the tube-ring truss. 


This is a 1:1 snippet - on this scope the camera has a pixel resolution of 0.65 arc-seconds, (the resolving power of my scope is 0.45), I am now at the limit of my equipment. Time to get on with taking pictures🙂.

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5 hours ago, ApophisAstros said:

Like it , recently reprocessed old data using PI and got similar results.


I liked it and its pure coincidence I have very similar framing😊. What was your scope and integration time?


I found an image by Sarah Wager which shows an awful lot more nebulosity and interest in the surrounds. Its a target that if you have a dark site could be worth spending more time on I think. 

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1 hour ago, Dmack1 said:

That's a nice image. Good colours and the dark zones nicely defined.

Thanks. It was a bit of a test run for my tweaked setup as I knew the conditions were going to be bad. The poor seeing meant I threw away about half the subs. I was surprised how well it actually came out.


The close up tells me the mount is now working as it should and I don't need to use an OAG with this scope. In general I can't use subs longer than 30 secs for broadband else I risk the brighter stars clipping even with 0 gain. 

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