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Hi from cloudy NW Lancashire UK

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Hi Astro people!

I have always owned a telescope since I was a teenager, I also used to try and take creative long exposures photos with my old practica slr developing black and white photos myself! 

I remember seeing Jupiter and Saturn for the first time after working out how to use a planisphere! Wow! What a revelation 


I once held a camera up to an eyepiece whilst looking at the moon and in that moment I was sealing my fate to spend countless hours and lots of money trying to capture images of faint fuzzy smudges so I could appreciate and share the glorious majesty of the night sky. 

I bought my first “serious” telescope about 15 years ago, a second hand Meade 12” lx200gps, it was my first “goto” telescope and once I had worked out how to build it and look through it I was able to select an object from “tonight’s best” not knowing what to expect I chose M13, when the scope stopped slewing and I looked through the eyepiece my jaw dropped. I will never forget that feeling of seeing something so beautiful for the first time! I then chose M57! OMG! A smoke ring in space! 

After a while I wanted to record what I was seeing so I spent many hours trying to squeeze an image out of the scope not realising I had made the classic mistake of spending money on a brilliant telescope totally unsuitable for astrophotography! 

having spent so much money I didn’t give up and 15 years later I still own the Meade although it’s now one of several scopes and lenses I use to attach to a skywatcher azeq6 and I am still trying to improve the images I take with it.


I have been a keen, possibly unhealthily obsessed astrophotographer for about 12 years now slowly (very slowly) improving on my technique year on year


Being a member of another well known Astro forum (I use a different name on that one, not because I want to hide my identity, just that when I set that account up I had run into an issue with my scope and was reaching out for help, I didn’t realise I was going to spend so much time on there and I’m my rush to join I just came up with a name that made sense to me at the time but I wish I had put a bit more thought into it, my wife was complaining that all I did with my spare time was astronomy and making soups, so I combined the two words to come up with my name over there)


 I stumbled across this one after a couple of its well known members had been erroneously banned albeit briefly for supposedly promoting a ‘new form’ so I thought I’d pop round and take a look! 

Anyway, enough waffle. 

I hope to stick around, share images, pick up tips and maybe help other people with this amazing hobby. 


Bryan 😊

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Hello, Bryan...I too have a 12" LX200GPS.  I have seen many wonderful things with it, but now the OTA has been moved from the original mount and put on to an iOptron CEM120.  


Anyway, welcome aboard!  There are some very friendly and highly knowledgeable people around here, so its delightful to welcome another one!


Clear skies to you,



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