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Posted by: @RPK_Astro

There was a clear 'window' of opportunity the other night for a few hours. But, as the Moon was nearly full, that was a waste of time. Of the 7 or 8 clear nights (or nights with a substantial clear period) since September, only 2 have been away from a full Moon. Coming up to 20 weeks since I last took an astro pic. 

I am nearly at the stage where I am considering getting rid of the astro gear and buying a small sailing boat; at least I can sail when it's raining. 

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@KevS I really have never known a period like the last 6 months. After the exceptionally good weather last spring, since the beginning of June it has been truly awful.

It is really depressing to hear that people who are on or near the west and south coasts have got some decent skies on a reasonably regular basis and all I've got is cloud and more cloud. The main cause has been where the jet stream has been sat causing a never ending conveyor belt of cloud to travel in a line from SW Wales through Shropshire, across Peak District and hitting Lincolnshire / Yorkshire. That belt seems to be about 75 miles wide and anyone north or south of it stands a chance of some better weather.

The small number of usable nights have mostly been close to full Moon and I don't have the filters to deal with that.      

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I was considering purchasing a dedicated OSC and setting up a semi-permanent observatory but at the present time I cannot justify such based on a handful of nights a year. A Camera and an Observatory would buy a reasonable, small day boat. 

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