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M27 27 Hours


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This is 9 hours each [NII], [OIII] and H-alpha in 10 min subs as NHO. Capture with TS 130mm apo, ASI 1600 and Astrodon filters. Initial stacking, RGB combination and stretch in AstroArt 7 using a mask to hold back the core. Mask also used for the denoise and unsharp mask.

Channel mixer, selective colour and clarity in Affinity Photo. Crop and resize for export.

This was the main capture while I was getting data on Melotte 15.

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One more iteration. Lots of masks used, DDP histo stretch selective colour and chaannel mixer in Affinity, noise reduction and unsharp mask in AA7 with a mask to protect the core.


My Dumbbell folder is getting chock full of images in varying states of completion. there may be 27 hours here, but I have my doubts about the quality of those hours, as the sky was often lacking in transparency, and M27 was getting very low towards the end of several imaging runs.

Never mind, mind more work to do.

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Posted by: @don4l

That is fantastic.  There is detail there that I've never seen before.  I must admit that when I saw "M27 27 hours" I wondered if it would be worth it.  The result is definitely worth it.

Thanks Don it's been a struggle to get to That image.

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