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Capturing Saturn

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3 hours ago, Mirrorgirl said:

Hi there


I have a better 4se and a zero planetary camera.,.. I can get Jupiter and moons ok on the laptop but I can never get Saturn it must be there but I just can't see it..,..any advice would be greatfully appreciated

You are too late for Saturn this year, it's well below the horizon. You will probably need to wait until July/August next year before Saturn is high enough to image, depending on your view South.

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13 hours ago, Mirrorgirl said:

Saturn seems to be here every night just next to Jupiter?

Can you see Saturn through your finder on the scope? Scopes don't always slew to the target with pinpoint accuracy. You might need to look through the Telrad and adjust your scope manually.

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1 hour ago, Mirrorgirl said:

What I do is find it with my finder scope then take a short video and then prosess, but like I said I can get Jupiter to show on laptop straight away, but just can't seem to get Saturn to show

Saturn is a lot smaller and is not as bright as Jupiter. If you are using a barlow lens, focus is critical, otherwise you won't see anything. I can only suggest make you are focused as sharp as possible and maybe increase the gain on your camera slightly.

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