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M106 Reprocess


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Yup, you can tell it's cloudy.


Having updated AstroArt to version 8 I thought I'd try reprocessing some of my older data. This is M106 from last year with the ODK rig. I captured 13 hr 10 min Lum, 6 hr 30 min Red, 6 hr Green and 7 hr Blue in 10 min subs. Sigma stacked in AA8 with rejection set for elongated stars, poor background and high FWHM.


The individual RGB stacks were given a Digital Development Process (Much improved from V7) followed by Trichromy. The Luminance in addition was given Richardson-Lucy deconvolution. After LRGB combination the composite frame was cropped to get rid of some severe alignment edges (The camera had rotated without my realising it) then gradient reduction applied. This was followed by all manner of colour adjustments involving saturation boosts and colour curve adjustments. Lastly a slight histogram stretch was applied to bring up the background to reveal lots of faint fuzzies.


The flare just right of centre at the bottom is from light getting into the camera from the CCTV camera flood after meridian flip.1536881623_FourthLRGBCCfrom3rd.thumb.jpg.6dd6ae30e6a494e639ccee7afbd8b0dd.jpg


I'm still not happy with this. If I continue then I'll combine the clean data from this set into a super-luminance and collect fresh RGB data with G2v calibration. Plus I really need a shed load of H-alpha as the 10 min subs I acquired were rubbish. Will probably need 1200 sec subs to get above the noise floor.

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