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Starless Auriga


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I've never been a real fan of starless images.  I do use Starnet++ to remove stars, but only so I can put back some half decent ones.

Today, I saw a very nice starless image and decided to have a play with my own data.  I'm quite pleased with the result.  This is 6 panels with only 18m per panel that was shot in a single evening.


The original images are here :- http://www.don4ls.space/auriga-mosaic

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Thanks.  To highlight specific bits I duplicate the image into a new layer.  The upper layer is set to "overlay" mode.  I apply a mask filled with black to the (upper) overlay layer and then paint white into the mask over the bits that I want to highlight - using a big soft brush.

This works in Gimp, Photoshop or in Affinity.

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