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M45 - Simply as it is


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Last night was reasonably clear in Northamptonshire, so I took the opportunity to capture pure unfiltered OSC subs from ASI2600MC-Pro. I have had a few focus issues recently and I did manage to solve them on Friday night while using M45 as a test target, so I went back to M45 to get a set of subs with consistant focus. I still have some corner issues which I need to do more investigation on, could be tilt that I can tune out on the camera - or its just that the full field of my AT106EDT is not flat and I do need to use FF/FR - I did not use FF/FR for this image.


Captured 99 120s subs - 3.3hrs

Stacked with APP with darks, flats, dark_flats

Processed with PI and PS


I have been imaging Narrowband for about 18mnth - but how quickly have I forgotten about processing RGB and the effort to process out light polution and horrible gradients - have to say a bit self inflicted as I started to capture when M45 was barely above my neighbours rooftop - so early subs were in the low level gunk. The quality did improve by midnight, but then the inevitable clouds rolled in.


I have managed to tease out details in the nebulousity and also pleased that the nebulousity around Merope that goes from blue and fades to gray as the distance from this intense star increases is real and not a LP gradient - I compared to other online images to check this.




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