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A Bubble in red, NGC7635


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I've been trying out my new Oiii filter on the Bubble Nebula and decided to continue capturing subs for Ha and Sii also. Along the way I found that my dew heater settings have been a bit aggressive for some months and that's been contributing to my poor subs, I had been creating my own turbulence😒. I need to find that sweet spot. 


Having reduced the Oiii halos I find that Sii halos are beginning to dominate and sadly it's in an area not easy to fix in post processing.


Anyway, I have combined what I had as HOS (not very many Sii subs but it seems distributed the same as Oiii).


Comments and Criticisms please 🙂.




Bubble Nebula NGC7635_3.png

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23 minutes ago, paul said:

1868712893_BubbleNebulaNGC7635_4.thumb.png.51782a55394aecd12dcb3a7eb06dacb9.pngThis is an alternative mix, slightly less festive😄

Got to say I like this version better, although both are very good. I control my dew heaters through a PPB, it has an auto setting on it, determined by the dew point detected outside. They are well worth the money, and the advanced version even has USB ports in addition to 4 power connectors and 2 dew heater connectors.

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