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Rosette Recombine in SHO - playing with workflow


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Thought I'd have a play with the HOO Rosette capture as the data seemed pretty good.


First, I did separate Ha and OIII integrations in Astro Pixel Processor.


I cleaned up the Light Pollution first to create two 'clean' Fits images, then registered them against each other (as the Ha image is always a different dimension for some reason) and merged the registered fits as SHO channels, using OIII for a false SII (yes, I know I 'should' use a mono Ha-OIII integration but that's why this was "playing" 🙂)


The combined initially stretched image was then saved as a tiff file and some basic cleanup and processing was done (mainly Camera Raw Filter and Noel's Actions).


Rather than use starnet++ at the initial stages, I waited until the image was more or less processed this time, having corrected and flattened.


After running starnet++, I used Apply image with the starry and starless images to create a separate star layer.


Then ran Peter Shah's Star Reduction action to reduce the Star Layer before merging it back into the cleaned up Starless for the final image.


Actually quite pleased with the result and will do the same with the HOO version tomorrow I think.





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