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M33 The Triangulum Galaxy

Greg M

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M33 the Triangulum Galaxy captured on 11-11&12-2021

Explore Scientific ED152mm CF APO
ASI2600mm camera
Chroma RGB Filters
Processed in PixInsight

I hoped to capture 45 minutes of data on all three filters but sadly the cold weather sapped the life from my battery and I only managed to capture 5 exposures on the blue filter. I managed to balance out the colors ok in PixInsight. I also grabbed 2 hours' worth of 10minute Ha files as well but that has not been combined and processed into this image yet.

15x3min of Red & Green - 45min ea.
5x3min of Blue - 15min.
Total Integration = 105 minutes

Taken from north of Indian Springs, NV
Mag. 5.72
01h 33m 50.02s
+30° 39′ 36.7″


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3 hours ago, rwillits said:

Even though this is a big bright galaxy, it is difficult to image and process, your image is excellent. It shows depth and detail. It is one of the best if not the best Triangulum Galaxy images I've seen.

Thank you so much.

I'm anxious to add the additional Ha data to see what that looks like.  The Ha data alone looks spectacular. 

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Ok, Here's the same data I worked with the other day except I've added an additional 2 hours of 10-minute subs in Ha.

Explore Scientific ED152mm CF APO
ASI2600mm camera
Chroma RGBHa Filters
Processed in PixInsight, tweaked in PhotoShop

15x3min of Red & Green - 45min ea.
5x3min of Blue - 15min.
12x10min of Ha 3nm - 2hrs
Total Integration = 3hrs 45 min.


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