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About 5hrs of 4 min subs using Lextreme and my Altair 269c OSC 

Split the Ha and O3 in APP and created a mono image that I used as a false S2 ( attempt )

Converted all to greyscale images in PS and ran all 3 through starnett++

Ran all 3 starless images through topaz denoise 

Colourised each image Ha to red O3 a blue Shade the S2 a green shade.

I then masked in the O3 to the Ha created new later with that combo 

Masked in the S2 and created  new image with the 3 combined. Used the Ha layer and applied that as a luminence layer.

Then just tweaked levels of the RGB until got to desired colour or colour that looked good.

Camera raw filter to tweak colours and details in Photoshop.

Ran through topaz denoise again.

Reduced stars then added back to image.


Have a look on YouTube at Astro_ed channel ( really informative )  it's following a few of his tutorials which I've done in the past but just then put my own spin on my data. 










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