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Return of an old friend


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Have bought myself an early 60th Birthday present as cloudless nights are few and far between in the UK and I don’t want to wait until January. 

Looking forward to setting up and playing with this on the balcony as it’s a few years since I foolishly got rid of the old NEQ6, not realising the opportunities for imaging in narrowband. 

Current intention is to get out the trusty old 80ED Pro (gold version) fitted with a Baader Steeltrack focuser and piggyback the Redcat on top. Hopefully, they can then take turns as either main camera or guidescope for each other. 

Particularly looking forward to having guiding in BOTH axes and the joys of dithering again. 😊





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Well done Tony, though I wonder how you manage to lift all this stuff in your circumstances.

Also I thought I read you saying a while back you were planning to move, and that is why you had delayed getting a bigger mount, is that not happening now?




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It's all a bit complicated at the moment Carole. We do actually have the house on the Wirral (currently occupied by some of our offspring 🙂 ) but I still work down here at least until I can pay off the mortgage (just under two years left) or get someone in to rent the flat. Haven't really had a chance to sort out anything as planned as we've had a bit of a year due to lockdown and a couple of family bereavments. 


I'm hoping to get into a position where I can become 'hands-off' as far as the job (I.T.) is concerned and just manage that remotely for 2 or 3 days a week. Once that is done, the flat will just be used for income and we'll move up to the house. The garden isn't ideal for astro, but it's better than the restricted view I have now and there are plenty of nearby location where I can park and setup. The house is only a short walk from the beach and there are some good parking spots I can exploit.


In the meantime, I will set the rig up on the balcony, where I have a ruggedised outdoor power supply, a weatherproof box with a regulated, linear power supply and a Telegizmos 365 cover for the scope. Once setup, there won't be much need to move it. 

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