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Stuck in a Bubble


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My original lengthy dataset was too soft focus (when changing to lower gain I didn't up the exposure time in the autofocus routine - often resulting in a poor final focus).   I started again using a longer auto-focus routine which gives me sharp stars but eats up my imaging time.  After several patchy nights I've 3 hrs Ha and 1.5 hrs Oiii. That's not enough to reduce the noise to levels I'm happy with but the data is good so far. It's probably as much as I will do on this target for this year. I may have hit 11 on saturation.



Bubble Nebula 2.png

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27 minutes ago, Dmack1 said:

Thats lovely - super level of detail in the bubble and its immediate surrounds.

Thanks, this is the first year I have had the right combination of gear to use all the fl of my scope and make the most of the mirror's quality. I'm still learning the ropes with NB. I just need the weather to cut me some slack!

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4 hours ago, MarkAR said:

Nice image, lovely detail around the bubble. It's a little over saturated and the fainter outer nebulosity does look a little grainy.

Processing can be tricky at times, best to use smaller gentle tweaks.


Thanks. I'm the first to admit its noisy 😄 Its over stretched in the shadows and the saturation is a over the top! (Note to self,-  don't post at 2am 😄).


16 hours ago, Astrobdlbug said:

HI Paul,

great FOV on the bubble - in terms of learning more on NB processing side at least, if you use Pixinsight, I found this website explained some interesting ways to combine narrowband channels




Thanks, I have used those guides and they are good.  I've made crib sheets for processing sequences that have worked but when they don't its hard to see where I went wrong particularly if it was a poor decision I made in the early phases. More targets and practice will make the debugging easier and the need less.  


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