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Anyone interested in Art?


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My father was a designer and Artist, I have one of his paintings on the wall, my brother has another.

I think it is in the blood as I wasn't too bad at school with art and painting and my son is very artistic, and I have an eye for design, but I never really took it up.  Best I have done is scenery painting helping my husband who does it regularly for a local drama group, he is also very artistic.


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Yes I am, Gina - I do watercolours and pencil drawings - have just had some acrylic pouring paints as a gift so looking forward to trying those out. 

Art is a great passion of mine - very keen on art galleries etc - have always gone to them and love early Dutch art. 

I also love medical botany and just received a lovely book of drawing Kew flowers which I’m looking forward to trying out and painting soon. 

love x 


Gillian x 

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I dabble, although not really in watercolours.

One of my brothers paints as a bit more than a hobby. He's done real commissions and even had exhibitions in real art galleries!








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My wife is and attends a watercolour class (in normal times) once a week, and has done for years. We have been on painting/sketching group holidays in Tuscany, Portugal and Cornwall meeting lovely people and having an excellent time. I am not a painter but I am a photographer so on these holidays I've been able to go off and do my own thing whilst the group were engaged laying down paint. If you haven't been on one of these holidays, Gina, I can very much recommend them.

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